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Sportlyzer Year in Review

Facebook offers everybody to see his/her last year's review - see the 20 most popular (or most embarrassing) Facebook posts of 2013. I also wanted to see my "TOP Facebook Moments of 2013", but all Facebook was able to show me, were pictures of me training or competing - not that impressive.

But let me share the numbers and statistics behind these pictures using Sportlyzer. Sportlyzer is an online training diary and management system. In my opinion it is really easy to use and has all functionality a normal endurance athlete might need. It won't give you an in-depth analysis of your SRM-bike sessions (however, you can still upload powermeter files into Sportlyzer), but it will do the most important work for you, which is storing, sharing and keeping your training plan in sync with your coach. 

One year in a single view

First I will show you the overview of my last year as it is shown in the yearplanner of the coach-view in Sportlyzer. You can see a week-per-week view of how much training was predicted (the line on top), how much was planned (dark-grey bar) and how much training was really done in that week (light-grey bar). You can also easily see where my A,B,C,D races where placed.  It is a great way to view the whole year in one view and it gives you a great overview while planning your season.

As you see, I trained really hard from February until May and than had my main season with many competitions before I started preparing for the Ironman 70.3 Lanzarote in October, which was my main goal last year. After my last race I basically rested one full month and started training again in November.


You can also find a nice table with the sum of all individual activities. I picked out the TOP 3. You can see, that I was quite busy on the bike but not that much on the run track and neither in the pool.

To show you some more of my biking Sportlyzer also offers also a table to show the amount of training per month.

And you can see a month-per-month total of training sessions.

You can open each month to see how you did in each discipline individually.

Training camps

That's enough about the summary of 2013. Now lets have a look at a training camp. I chose the 5 weeks on Fuerteventura, which I had the privilege to spend with Alexandr Latin and Kirill Kotśegarov. Here you can see the total of each day in the training camp and how it was divided between different diziplines. As the camp progressed, the bike session became longer and while I did hardly any running in the beginning of the camp because of an injury, I slowly started running more regularly at the end.

How about some more detail? Let's have a look at my busiest week of 2013. This time it was a training camp in Lloret De Mare in Spain. You can see how my training was divided between different weekdays and a peak on Sunday. At the bottom you see a weekly summary for each dizipline. 

Favourite sessions

Now last but not least I will show you my longest bike ride in 2013 and how my friends in Sportlyzer reacted after I posted this session.

If you would like to find out more about Sportlyzer you can visit www.sportlyzer.com . If you already are using Sportlyzer and you would like to see your own statistics of 2013, you can find a description on how to use the statistics page here:


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