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What this blog is about

This first post is to give a short introduction on who I am and what this blog is about. As I am writing this post I am sitting on my bed in the apartment, that I share with 2 danish guys from Club La Santa Sports, in La Santa, Lanzarote (Canary Islands). It is wednesday evening and there are 2 days until the biggest challenge of my life so far - 70.3 Ironman Lanzarote 2013. On saturday I will swim 1,9km, bike 90km and run a half-marathon. But this still doesn't tell you who I am.

Who am I?

Racing outside the comfort zone
I'm a triathlete, a former lightweight rower, a current computer science student, an iOS software developer. I'm all of those things combined into one thin 1,80m and 72kg human being. I started training regularly at the age of 14 when I was still living in Germany. After graduating from school I moved to Estonia, my home country, and  started studying computer science at the University of Tartu. After being a competitive rower for over 5 years I realized that letting go it the daily "sleep - train - eat - train" routine was not possible for me. That's when I discovered triathlon and the local triathlon club TriSmile. My life has not been quite the same since that. I've learned how to swim faster, bike harder, run further and dream bigger.

What this blog is about?

This blog is about my thoughts and all the stuff that I have, do and will experience while training, racing and traveling around with my wetsuit, bike and running shoes - living my dream and getting faster, stronger and wiser each day.

Who is this blog for?

This blog if for all my friends from Estonia, Germany and all around the world. I have met so many great people during my travels, who I'd like to thank for the wonderful experiences we had and the things they taught me. As there are so many people from so many countries, who I'd like to share my stories with, this log will be a mixture of estonian and english posts. If you stumble upon an estonian post and feel it a bit of hard to understand cause you don't speak a word of estonian, just drop a comment and I will answer your questions. 

I hope this blog will also motivate other people to get up and put on some nice running shoes and discover the world from my point of view. 

Hope you will enjoy it!


I would not be were I am without my family and friends

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